Many people have been searching up “how to get free xbox gift cards” or XBox LIVE codes on Google, expecting to get them for free via some magic generator. However, this is never the case. 

These free xbox gift cards generators usually collect personal and billing info. The only places to get codes or points online are from official retailers. The only places to get them for FREE are from legitimate giveaways (Microsoft contest), or GPT websites. GPT stands for “get paid to” and is a type of website that has companies market and advertise their products and/or services online. They communicate with the end-user through surveys, trial offers, videos, or banners.

Many GPT sites have you earn points whenever you complete one of those 4 items. The reason why “how to get free xbox gift cards” is a points system is because of the idea of “prizes.” You can earn cash instead of points, however a lot of companies don’t have their surveys payout the GPT sites in “cash” merely because of this idea. Usually, 1 point is equal to 1 penny.

Thus a 1600 Microsoft Points card which may cost $15 in the store would be 1500 points. All prizes are redeemed via, by the way. All in all, R1 is the center for these advertisers to communicate with YOU and pay you for doing these surveys, offers, etc. This is much simpler than going to 50 company websites and filling out their promotions. Usually, a 3 month XBox LIVE Membership might take 1 hour of work.

Now you may be like, “Ah nevermind, I am not filling out surveys.” Well, you can just as easily get referrals. With up to $1.50 a member (if they confirm their email address and do their first offer) along with 15% of their lifetime earnings, you will only need around 20-30 referrals on average which you can easily get on Facebook! Thus, if you can be a bit creative or have an hour of free time, you will know “how to get free xbox gift cards”

Read the 3 steps below to begin, no billing info required.

Don’t believe me? Check out the proof page!

Step 1: Sign Up

The first thing that you will need to do on “how to get free xbox gift cards” is to sign up for a free account with Rewards1. It takes only a minute to sign up and it’s perfectly safe. Signing up from this link starts you off with 250 points by the way, as long as you are a US, UK, or Canada resident. If you aren’t, you can still create an account however you simply will not receive the bonus. Once you’ve signed up, check for a confirmation email and click the link inside to activate your account so you can start earnings points for codes.

Step 2: Earn Points

The next thing you’ll need to get your free xbox Code is to earn points by completing surveys, doing trial offers, watching videos, clicking banners, playing games, or referring new members to sign up. One way to get quick referrals so you can get yourfree xbox codes” quicker is to post your referral link on Facebook or Twitter and encourage your friends to sign up. Otherwise, surveys and offers may take more time but they will be the quickest way to get started earning points. Read more about completing surveys here.

Step 3: Get Prizes

The last thing you’ll need to do to get on “how to get free xbox gift cards” is to redeem your points for a code. You can either have a Gold code emailed to you instantly after your prize is approved or have a card mailed to your house via, which can take a week. Otherwise, you can withdraw cash and get a check in the mail or get money sent to your PayPal account. For earning cash, the surveys and offers will indicate if they give cash or not, as most give points.Enjoy your codes and try not to get pwned on Call of Duty!

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